You’re the app for that.

Think of yourself as an app.  An app must furnish information, create entertainment, or have utility.  If  you do all (most) of that then you have created value.  Creating value is what you’re paid to do.  OpenTable is a perfect example.  It’s an app furnishing information (reservation times) that lets you reserve a table (utility) that provides entertainment (dinner.)

Check to see if you’re doing two out of three, at least.  If not, you’re either in trouble and don’t know it, or in the wrong spot and need to move on.


David Fowler created long-running advertising platforms for Motel 6 ("We'll leave the light on for you"), BP ("Beyond Petroleum"), Fanta ("Wanta Fanta"), Claritin ("Claritin Clear") and many others during his forty-year career.
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