Be present.

All pitches are hard.  But some pitches are nightmares because of bad planning by agency management.  If you run the place, do your people a favor:  jump into the pitch quickly and bang it out.  Focus on it and be efficient.  If you’re too damn busy or important to devote realistic business hours to a pitch, then you either need to delegate it to somebody else or decline.  You’ll make everyone suffer, and that’s no fun or fair.

Remember, someday you’ll need your people to rise to a crisis for an existing client.  Don’t wear them out by wasting their time on a flyer you’re too busy to focus on.


David Fowler created long-running advertising campaigns for Motel 6 ("We'll leave the light on for you"), BP ("Beyond Petroleum"), Fanta ("Wanta Fanta"), Claritin ("Claritin Clear") and many others. His forty-year creative career included twenty years at Ogilvy & Mather in New York, as well as stints at Goodby, Silverstein in San Francisco, Ammirati & Puris in New York and The Richards Group in Dallas.