The long haul.

There is a decent chance that the people you start out with in the advertising business are ones you’ll know all along the way.  For decades, perhaps.  It’s hard to imagine when you’re young, but it’s true.  The way you perform and behave now, and along the way, will come to define you for years to come, and they’ll affect your success…and earnings.  The good part is that advertising is a small town, and you’ll develop friendships and working relationships that will make it the ride of your life.  Pay attention.  Work harder.  Be a little nicer.  Create a bond.  The ad business isn’t just a day at a time.  Eventually you’ll see that it’s all those moments added together.  And any one moment can affect the whole…forever.


David Fowler created long-running advertising platforms for Motel 6 ("We'll leave the light on for you"), BP ("Beyond Petroleum"), Fanta ("Wanta Fanta"), Claritin ("Claritin Clear") and many others during his forty-year career.
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